Our Campuses

Most of the activities of Chabad ACT are carried out from our three buildings located in Northern Canberra’s leafy suburb of Giralang.

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Mikvah Building

The first building houses the two Mikvaos and the Rabbis residence. It was purchased in 2009, shortly thereafter knocked down and purpose-rebuilt as a Mikvah and Rabbis residence in 2010. The building is ideally situated between two cul-de-sacs, allowing completely separate street entrances for the Mikvah and the residence to ensure discreet entry.


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Community Centre 1 (Chabad ACT HQ) Background

The second building, just a two minute walk from the Mikvah building, was purchased from the ACT Government in 2011. It served as a Government Preschool building attached to the local primary school. Set in magnificent parklands the new Centre spreads across over 2500sqm of land.


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Purchasing the second building for a community centre was vital in continuing our vision of building a community with all the infrastructure necessary for Jewish families.

The former Government preschool building was completely refurbished and renovated. It was completed in early 2013. The complete renovation received the Master Builder Award in 2013 for its purpose built design, heritage conservation and excellence. 

In 2017 Chabad ACT acquired an additional building - Community centre 2 - right next door to Chabad HQ to enable the expansion of the activities due to increasing demand for space as a result of the quickly expanding activities. 

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The Community Centre Buildings House:

The Gan Yisroel Community and Childcare Centre, Jewish After School Programs and Vacation Care Camps, Clasroom/Lecture Rooms, The Northern Canberra Synagogue, Canberra Kosher Shop and Kitchen, Goodness and Kindness Humanitarian and Social Services, ACT and Region Jewish Library, The Food Bank, The Children’s Clothes Bank, Children’s Equipment Fund, Offices for the Rabbi, Counsellors and Administration, Outdoor Yards for Community Events.

The buildings provide an especially safe, modern and state of the art environment for children to enjoy and grow in their first and most important years of life. There is use the buildings to add additional classrooms for our next stage of growth.

Since Chabad's coming to Canberra in 2009, as a result of the growth in community infrastructure and activity from Northern Canberra, more Jewish families have moved to Canberra and specifically to Giralang.