Safe Environment

  • All children and families are welcomed in a friendly, trusting and supportive atmosphere.
  • Our service benefits not only the child but their families as well.

  • Automated front door for families and pedestrians are in place to ensure maximum safety and security.

  • Safety checks both indoors and outdoors are carried out daily.

  • All cleaning materials and chemicals are locked and stored away out of the children’s reach.

Quality Program 

  • Our program teaches and promotes a love of traditional values, customs and traditions, along with an integrated general program.

  • We meet the needs of all children as individuals and as part of a group.

  • We provide a child-centred approach which allows for flexibility within daily routines.

  • We include planned activities in which development is fostered all areas of child development.

Our Children

  • We ensure that our children are able to make their needs known and express their feelings.

  • We ensure that our children are able to form trusting relationships with staff and peers.

  • We ensure that our children are able to make choices within the program appropriate to their level of development.

  • We ensure that our children are involved in daily routines, such as packing away and clearing lunch tables.

  • We ensure that our children have their behaviour guided by encouraging self-esteem, promoting a sense of belonging and by using a consistent approach within the centre.

  • We ensure that our children are supported by staff to understand and accept differences in others.

Our Families

  • We provide parents with opportunities and encourage them to become involved in the centre through social functions, information nights, participation and involvement in evaluation.

  • We are able to maintain positive staff/family relations through our ‘open door’ policy and enable them to express their concerns, share information about their children and to inquire from the staff.

  • We encourage parents to support our staff by providing feedback about their children.

  • We value our parents as having unique background experiences and child rearing practices.