Chaplaincy – Pastoral Care

Guiding you through your journey

Chabad ACT is actively involved in Chaplaincy, pastoral care and guidance throughout the ACT and region.Rabbi Feldman is a Jewish Chaplain for all of Canberra and regional hospitals.



Visiting the Sick is an integral part of Chabad's community programs. We know that healing is facilitated through the visits by caring, sensitive men and women.

Our Pastoral carers and volunteers reach out to those at home and in hospitals and establish important relationships that often last long after these visits. 



Schools and Universities

Apart from the programs at Chabad ACT there is no Jewish school in Canberra or the region. Since its inception Chabad ACT has been organising Jewish programs and lessons for Jewish children in local schools. Jewish practice is also demonstrated by Chabad in private and public schools as part of the school's multicultural studies. Chabad ACT also provides Religious services to university students and faculty throughout Canberra’s universities.

Nursing Homes are visited by Chabad volunteers prior to holidays, or upon request. These visits are important to bring joy and love to the elderly.

Emergency Services

Rabbi Feldman is the Jewish Chaplain for Jewish personnel in the ACT Emergency Services Agency which incorporates the Ambulance, Fire, Regional Fire Services and State Emergency Services in the ACT. Rabbi Feldman also serves as the Rabbi for the Australian Federal Police personnel.

Prison Visits entails visiting and counselling detainees in prisons. At this vulnerable point in a prisoner's life, the hope and help ordered by a spiritual mentor can make all the difference. The challenge does not end at the prisons, for many inmates need a helping hand to get back into society.

The Elderly - A Range of Services to Suit Your Changing Needs

Chabad ACT is dedicated to providing meaningful and lasting support for our older generations and their families.

All of our thoughtfully designed services aim to keep older members of our community active and in touch with each other. We also provide special assistance to the elderly who have little or no family, providing them with material financial support, access to medical services and assistance with funding suitable living arrangements.

Children's Clothes Fund & Free Equipment Hire - Making Raising 

We have a clothes drop o and pick up program for children’s clothing. In our premises there is a large storage shed that is dedicated to clothes donations and is sorted according to sizes for size 0000 to size 10. We order a public clothes swap several times a year which is very widely attended and co-hosted by the Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association.

We private selections throughout the year for those unable to make the public open days. This innovative clothes bank continues to save ordinary mums and dads many thousands of dollars annually by recycling children’s clothes in good condition to other families.

We run a drop o and pick up program for babies and children’s equipment such as car seats, strollers, toys etc. Like the clothes bank and swap program this program aims to save families money whilst benefiting the environment by recycling children’s equipment. In most cases the equipment donated is in perfect working condition.