The Rabbi & Rebbetzin

Rabbi Shmueli and Rebbetzin Chasia Feldman of Sydney were formally appointed as the leaders of Chabad in the ACT by Rabbi Aharon Serebryanski, Of Blessed Memory, the Former Director of "Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch", Chabad's educational arm in Australia in January 2013. They moved to Canberra at that time.

Their appointment followed a month after Rabbi Dan & Rebbetzin Naomi Avital relocated with their family from Canberra to Melbourne. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Avital served the ACT community for three years as the first resident Rabbi and Rebbetzin in Canberra’s history.

Rabbi Shmueli Feldman, commonly known as the "Rabbi of Our Nation's Capital", comes from a distinguished Rabbinic family and is the son of Rabbi Pinchus Feldman OAM, Dean and Spiritual Leader of Chabad NSW, Honorary Life President of the RCNSW and Patron of the Organisation of Rabbis of Australia for being the longest serving and most accomplished Rabbi in Australia.  

Rabbi Shmueli Feldman is a Bondi born and bred fifth generation Australian Rabbi. He is a widely recognised orator, cantor and teacher, specialising in the academic fields of Jewish philosophy and mysticism. Rabbi Feldman is known to be down to earth, approachable and personable with a famous sense of humour. He holds numerous Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinical qualifications and gained community leadership experience in Argentina, Israel, Russia and the USA before returning to Australia to serve in 2007 with the benefit of being fluent in several languages including Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic, Spanish and Russian.

Rabbi Feldman is a sought after Rabbi for officiating and speaking at events of National and International significance. At the behest of Political Leaders, Diplomats, institutions, multicultural, religious and interfaith groups, he presents, and is regularly the national Rabbi of choice in the media, on public panels, in the Federal and Local Parliaments, Embassies, Universities, Rallies, Schools and other gatherings throughout the Region.

Rabbi Feldman is the Chairman of Chabad in Canberra (Chabad is Australia's and the world Jewry's largest outreach movement) and is a leading advocate to Australia's political leadership for Jewish issues in Australia as well as to worldwide Ambassadors in Canberra for social issues abroad .

Rabbi Feldman holds tertiary qualifications in Leadership and Management and Education and Care. Prior to this appointment, Rabbi Feldman served as a Rabbi and teacher in Sydney. Rabbi Shmueli, 36, lives in Canberra with his wife Chasia and their six children and serves as the Chief Minister of the Chabad ACT Synagogue which serves the entire ACT and region.

Rebbetzin Chasia Feldman, 35, received a BA in Education from Michlelet Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem and is an accomplished teacher and program coordinator, gaining experience in Israel, Russia, Ukraine, New York and in Sydney. The popular and dynamic Rebbetzin also established woman’s classes in Sydney which still prevail today.

In 2020 Rebbetzin Feldman became the founding Principal for the Canberra Jewish School and spends most of her daytime hours running and teaching in the school. 

Since moving to Canberra in January 2013, the Feldmans have established wide-reaching educational and humanitarian programs for all ages in the ACT and Region including an award-winning Jewish and multicultural community centre, preschool, social welfare programs and Canberra's first Jewish primary school.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Feldman (who are the longest serving Rabbi and Rebbetzin in Canberra's 100 year modern history)  serve their community with love and an intense level of devotion. They are contacted for all religious and personal matters including for public/motivational speaking, private counselling and teaching on all areas of Judaism including law, practices and philosophy.