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Past Programs

Upcoming events
Jun. 19, 2018
Jewish Studies, Jewish Law, Chassidic Thought, by Reverend Kiel. Open for all levels. Please email for venue information and to RSVP.
Jun. 23, 2018
Rabbi Feldman's weekly Kabbalah session with tea, coffee and cake in preparation for Sabbath prayer. No RSVP required.
Jun. 23, 2018
Come and join us for a fantastically uplifting service. With internationally renowned and acclaimed Rabbi and Chazan Shmueli Feldman, Canberra's longest serving Rabbi. Conducted with warm and ...
Jun. 23, 2018
Our famous weekly sit down kiddush will nourish your body and soul with Jewish traditional chef prepared (by our ladies guild volunteers) delicacies and words of uplift by our community members ...