Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the world through education, action, and loving kindness; to help realise a moral, G‑dly world in which honesty, integrity, a sense of meaning and purpose, respect, responsibility for one another, knowledge, security, and peace prevail.

We recognise the innate goodness in all of humankind and seek to inspire and empower all people to maximise their potential on life's journey - with joy, passion, and enthusiasm.

To accomplish that, we work with all denominations, cultures, Government and faiths and reach out to help rather than wait to be called upon.

Our Vision

We are creating a community in Canberra where the cost of housing is much cheaper than in other larger communities in Australia. We aim to continue providing for all aspects of a fulfilling Jewish life to further enable Canberra to be a home that can accommodate for traditional Jewish families and appeal to families from around Australia to relocate here.

Chabad ACT provides services and community centres where every person, no matter their background or social standing, can call home.