About Us

We are a not for profit charity organisation serving as the representative establishment in our nation’s capital of the international Chabad-Lubavitch movement. There are over 100 Chabad organisations throughout Australia.

Our Centre continually offers a vast array of interesting and inspiring educational programs, humanitarian outreach and social activities which reach out to people of all backgrounds and affiliations 

Chabad ACT was established in 2009 when Jewish residents in Canberra (total Jewish population in Canberra estimated at 1500 - 2000) approached Chabad in Melbourne to help with their basic Jewish needs and infrastructure beginning with a Rabbi, Rebbetzin and Mikvah.

Chabad in Melbourne financed the purchases of the critically needed infrastructure in Northern Canberra for a Mikvah and Canberra’s first Jewish Preschool and appointed a Chabad Rabbi with his family to move to Canberra to build, strengthen and provide all services necessary for a Jewish community.

In 2016 Chabad ACT successfully purchased the Canberra properties from the Melbourne based charities that owned them.

Since its founding in 2009 Chabad ACT has built a thriving community in Northern Canberra and has become a one stop shop for everything Jewish in Canberra and the region.

Chabad ACT continues to have a positive impact on the diverse and broad Canberra and Region community through its unique and widely acclaimed, non discriminatory humanitarian, social and outreach programs.

The OECD recently ranked Canberra the most liveable city out of 362 regions across the 34 most developed countries in the world.